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Projects come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple Velux window installed to add light to a dark space or a set of loft ladders, right through to a more complex conversion with bedrooms, bathrooms and a new stylish access staircase. The aim of this gallery is to give you a glimse of previous and recent projects, so you can see a sample of a project from when the scaffold goes up, to when the room is completed, decorated and ready to use...
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Bidford - November 2013

Read the article: Bidford On Avon sees us complete yet another loft conversion

  • bidford01_nov2013
  • bidford02_nov2013
  • bidford03_nov2013
  • bidford04_nov2013
  • bidford05_nov2013
  • bidford06_nov2013
  • bidford06a_nov2013
  • bidford07_nov2013
  • bidford08_nov2013
  • bidford09_nov2013
  • bidford10_nov2013
  • bidford11_nov2013
  • bidford12_nov2013
  • bidford13_nov2013
  • bidford14_nov2013
  • bidford15_nov2013
  • bidford16_nov2013
  • bidford17_nov2013
  • bidford18_nov2013
  • bidford19_nov2013

Balsall - November 2013

Read the article: Balsall Common sees yet another Truss Roof Loft Conversion

  • balsall01_nov2013
  • balsall02_nov2013
  • balsall03_nov2013
  • balsall04_nov2013
  • balsall05_nov2013
  • balsall06_nov2013
  • balsall07_nov2013
  • balsall08_nov2013
  • balsall09_nov2013
  • balsall10_nov2013
  • balsall11_nov2013
  • balsall12_nov2013
  • balsall13_nov2013
  • balsall14_nov2013
  • balsall15_nov2013
  • balsall16_nov2013

Loft Ladders in Lichfield - November 2013

Read the article: Easy to use Loft Ladder in Lichfield

  • loftladders
  • loftladders01_2013
  • loftladders02_2013
  • loftladders03_2013

Calf Heath - September 2013

Read the article: Calf Heath June 2013 sees our part build completed on this bungalow loft conversion

  • calfheath1
  • calfheath2
  • calfheath3
  • calfheath4

Great Barr - September 2013

Read the article: Great Barr Birmingham yet another loft completed

  • greatbarr1
  • greatbarr2
  • greatbarr3
  • greatbarr4

Solihull - August 2013

Read the article: August in Solihull a luxury loft storage area completed in 8 days

  • solihull01_aug13
  • solihull02_aug13
  • solihull03_aug13
  • solihull04_aug13

Stratford - April 2013

Read the article: Conversion in Stratford Upon Avon

  • stratford01
  • stratford02
  • stratford03
  • stratford04
  • stratford05
  • stratford06
  • stratford07
  • stratford08
  • stratford09

Sutton Coldfield - Jan 2013

Read the article: New Conversion in Sutton Coldfield!

  • sutton01
  • sutton02
  • sutton03
  • sutton04
  • sutton05
  • sutton06
  • sutton07
  • sutton08
  • sutton09
  • sutton10
  • sutton11
  • sutton12

"Thank you for the excellent loft conversion. We are delighted by the way everything was organised and the standard of workmanship. In particular we are very impressed with the design and vision (and technical know how) for the positioning of the new staircase which has greatly enhanced our existing landing and looks like it has always been there!"
Mr and Mrs Leighton, Balsall Common


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