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Bedrooms & Bathrooms

To save on the costs and hassle of moving house, or to accomodate the needs of an expanding family home - extra bedrooms for family use or as guest rooms are a real asset.

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And with growing families, guest and visitors - you can never have too many bathrooms.

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"We couldn't be happier with the work that Neil and the Mainpride team have done for us. Looking at the old loft in our 2-bed semi it was hard to visualise what it would become, but looking at our 3-storey house now - wow! No doubt about it, it was a big task, but John, Lee, Jimmy and Neil did a great job of not only cracking on with the project but keeping the house tidy as they did so, which we really appreciated. The fibreglass roof was soon installed and the new staircase put in, and at every step we were checked that we were happy and asked if there were any changes or tweaks we wanted or needed. The plastering was soon completed, Max did an amazing job with our new bathroom and Mark and Rob decorated and carpeted the room to finish off a superb job. And not to forget the work outside. Paul laid down our new drive - which blew us away - and put in our new back garden which we are thrilled with. We would recommend Mainpride to our friends in a heartbeat. Inviting people into your home, giving them the keys to your house, that's a BIG deal, but we've never felt anything but comfortable doing that with Mainpride.."


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