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An oak framed “Outdoor Bar”.

A corner of this garden is re-developed, 40+ tonne of soil is taken away.

New natural sandstone slabs are laid, oak posts erected with new traditional hipped cut roof and cedar shingle roof over.

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We constructed this clients loft conversion last year, we were then asked to build this “Outdoor Bar” it’s fantastic and shows off our natural carpentry skills, all the oak was supplied locally in a rough sawn state, we machined it to what you see now, it’s been sealed naturally, the cedar shingles are imported from Canada, our roofers have covered it expertly, the interior will have cedar shiplap cladding, a bar at the one end and sofa to the other. Firefly heaters and side canopy will keep the internal warm in the winter months.

"Again, many thanks for doing a great job for us and I hope you will pass on our thanks for the boys."
Mr & Mr Whatley


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