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This beautiful rural residence will benefit from a new roof two bedrooms in the loft conversion a bathroom for the use of & the whole house re-pointed.

The stairs will wind around the chimney that divides the 1st floor bedrooms.starting from the landing & terminating in the loft. The clever use of lowering the ceilings and raising the brickwork to the wing at the rear will give the headroom required for the bedrooms &  bathroom. The loft rooms will both have a pitched roof dormers characteristic of this style of property.

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The new roof will keep the house dry for many years to come.  The house over the years has had ivy growing around it destroying the mortar between the bricks & with doorways added Windows blocked up over the years it makes perfect sense for us to repoint removing the ivy & matching in all the additions.

All our loft conversions come with decoration to the loft room as standard, you supply the paint & caulk we do the rest happy days!

As standard you will receive an LDC lawful development certificate from the local authority !!

"While we were looking forward to the end product, I was not looking forward to the work to be carried out and the mess. But I can honestly say that the mess was no way as bad as I feared due to the lads clearing up everyday before they left. The lads were brilliant, we had no worries regarding leaving them in the house whilst we were out at work and must admit that at the end of the job they felt like family coming and going rather than workmen."
V Riley, Walsall


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