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Over 50+ years ago a founder member of Mainpride built the neighbours loft to the right loft conversion then 20+ years ago we built the neighbour to the left now we build the middle loft conversion fantastic.  

Overlooking sutton park this large bungalow will benefit from a loft conversion bedroom & ensuite. The stairs will rise from the front bedroom & with the vaulted ceilings above glass balustrade to the new hemlock stairs & Velux rooflight above makes this look very impressive.  The roof is extended to the right of the property giving amazing headroom & space in the bedroom, the gable wall is built up in brick & block construction. We have chosen to use Velux roof lights to give ample daylight to the bedroom & ensuite. This loft has new hybrid insulation reducing energy bills even more.

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All our loft conversions come with decoration to the loft room as standard,you supply the paint & caulk we do the rest happy days!

"We are delighted with the final result and especially want to thank the members of the teams for their professional and courteous work."
B Richard, Solihull


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