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Sutton sees yet another Mainpride loft conversion

This large semi detached house will receive a large rear & side dorma, this will enable us to rise the stairs over the existing stairs,sympathetically copying them.

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The loft will have a large bedroom with windows to the rear maximising the garden views and giving ample daylight to the room.

There will also be a lovely ensuite with shower/wc & sink.

To the front elevation will be a storage are for the xmas trees,suitcases etc.

"We wanted to write and thank you for all the excellent work on converting our dark and cold kitchen into a warm, airy and sunny space. The addition of the Velux windows, and the new insulation has made a world of difference. We would like to say thanks to everyone involved. The highly professional workmanship, helpful and friendly nature of all involved made this project really upbeat and fun. We also much appreciated the ongoing efforts every night to leave the site clean and tidy! Finally a huge thank you to yourself, for seeing the potential in the kitchen and converting it into a successful project - the outcome of which we could not be more happy with. "
Mr & Mrs Weaver, Bromsgrove


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