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Sutton sees yet another Mainpride loft conversion

This large semi detached house will receive a large rear & side dorma, this will enable us to rise the stairs over the existing stairs,sympathetically copying them.

  • sutton201-jan-2016
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  • sutton213a-jan-2016

The loft will have a large bedroom with windows to the rear maximising the garden views and giving ample daylight to the room.

There will also be a lovely ensuite with shower/wc & sink.

To the front elevation will be a storage are for the xmas trees,suitcases etc.

"Thank you for the excellent loft conversion. We are delighted by the way everything was organised and the standard of workmanship. In particular we are very impressed with the design and vision (and technical know how) for the positioning of the new staircase which has greatly enhanced our existing landing and looks like it has always been there!"
Mr and Mrs Leighton, Balsall Common


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